Agent agreement & terms and conditions

Agent agreement to Guest Terms & Conditions

Please download, review, date & sign and email us back the agent terms and conditions agreement. This agreement is identical to the guest terms and conditions - we require each agent to fully understand and agree to the terms each guest is agreeing to by entering into a booking with you, i.e. our terms and conditions will superceed any terms you may have with a guest. 

Roomboss Agent Agreement

We use Roomboss for all booking enquiries and reservations. Roomboss is our default availability management software as a service. Agents who wish to sell/book Ekimne managed properties will be enabled within Roomboss and your commission for each property will be managed within Roomboss. The acceptance of this commission percentage in Roomboss and the subsequent booking of a property with Ekimne via Roomboss signifies your acceptance of the Guest Booking Terms and Conditions on behalf of your guests. All booking confirmation and payment requirements outlined in the Booking Terms and Conditions are applicable to Agent and Guest alike. The Booking Terms and Conditions clearly state payment and cancelation policies.  

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